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Reason Testing Library

Bindings for several testing libraries have been ported to ReasonML.

bs-react-testing-library contains BuckleScript bindings for React Testing Library.

bs-dom-testing-library contains BuckleScript bindings for DOM Testing Library.

npm install --save-dev bs-dom-testing-library
npm install --save-dev bs-react-testing-library


After installation, you will need the packages bsconfig.json file like so:

"bs-dev-dependencies": ["bs-react-testing-library"]


"bs-dev-dependencies": ["bs-dom-testing-library"]

Other Dependencies


This is what BuckleScript uses to compile the Reason code to JS. If it is not in your project you can install it like so:

npm install --save-dev bs-platform


This is the recommended test runner and is a wrapper around Jest. All of the examples here will be using it.

npm install --save-dev @glennsl/bs-jest

Then update bsconfig.json:

"bs-dev-dependencies": ["@glennsl/bs-jest"]