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getByAltText, queryByAltText, getAllByAltText, queryAllByAltText, findByAltText, findAllByAltText


// If you're using `screen`, then skip the container argument:
container: HTMLElement,
text: TextMatch,
options?: {
exact?: boolean = true,
normalizer?: NormalizerFn,
}): HTMLElement

This will return the element (normally an <img>) that has the given alt text. Note that it only supports elements which accept an alt attribute or custom elements (since we don't know if a custom element implements alt or not): <img>, <input>, and <area> (intentionally excluding <applet> as it's deprecated).

<img alt="Incredibles 2 Poster" src="/incredibles-2.png" />
import {screen} from '@testing-library/dom'

const incrediblesPosterImg = screen.getByAltText(/incredibles.*? poster/i)


TextMatch options