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getByLabelText, queryByLabelText, getAllByLabelText, queryAllByLabelText, findByLabelText, findAllByLabelText


// If you're using `screen`, then skip the container argument:
container: HTMLElement,
text: TextMatch,
options?: {
selector?: string = '*',
exact?: boolean = true,
normalizer?: NormalizerFn,
}): HTMLElement

This will search for the label that matches the given TextMatch, then find the element associated with that label.

The example below will find the input node for the following DOM structures:

// for/htmlFor relationship between label and form element id
<label for="username-input">Username</label>
<input id="username-input" />

// The aria-labelledby attribute with form elements
<label id="username-label">Username</label>
<input aria-labelledby="username-label" />

// Wrapper labels
<label>Username <input /></label>

// Wrapper labels where the label text is in another child element
<input />

// aria-label attributes
// Take care because this is not a label that users can see on the page,
// so the purpose of your input must be obvious to visual users.
<input aria-label="Username" />
import {screen} from '@testing-library/dom'

const inputNode = screen.getByLabelText('Username')



The example above does NOT find the input node for label text broken up by elements. You can use getByRole('textbox', { name: 'Username' }) instead which is robust against switching to aria-label or aria-labelledby.


If it is important that you query a specific element (e.g. an <input>) you can provide a selector in the options:

// Multiple elements labelled via aria-labelledby
<label id="username">Username</label>
<input aria-labelledby="username" />
<span aria-labelledby="username">Please enter your username</span>

// Multiple labels with the same text
<input />
const inputNode = screen.getByLabelText('Username', {selector: 'input'})


getByLabelText will not work in the case where a for attribute on a <label> element matches an id attribute on a non-form element.

// This case is not valid
// for/htmlFor between label and an element that is not a form element
<section id="photos-section">
<label for="photos-section">Photos</label>