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getByText, queryByText, getAllByText, queryAllByText, findByText, findAllByText


// If you're using `screen`, then skip the container argument:
container: HTMLElement,
text: TextMatch,
options?: {
selector?: string = '*',
exact?: boolean = true,
ignore?: string|boolean = 'script, style',
normalizer?: NormalizerFn,
}): HTMLElement

This will search for all elements that have a text node with textContent matching the given TextMatch.

<a href="/about">About ℹ️</a>
import {screen} from '@testing-library/dom'

const aboutAnchorNode = screen.getByText(/about/i)

It also works with inputs whose type attribute is either submit or button:

<input type="submit" value="Send data" />


TextMatch options, plus the following:



See getByLabelText for more details on how and when to use the selector option


The ignore option accepts a query selector. If the node.matches returns true for that selector, the node will be ignored. This defaults to 'script, style' because generally you don't want to select these tags, but if your content is in an inline script file, then the script tag could be returned.

If you'd rather disable this behavior, set ignore to false.